At Kare Orthodontics, our goal is to protect your teeth as they are transforming to make a healthy, beautiful smile.

 Before putting a bracket on, we will apply a thin layer of Opal Seal to the entire surface of your tooth. It will keep the bracket in place and contribute to your enamel health in two important ways:
  • Just as its name implies, Opal Seal acts as a “seal,” or barrier between your enamel and plaque by completely covering the tooth surface.
  • Opal Seal provides fluoride to your teeth. Fluoride is an essential mineral for preserving healthy enamel, which is why it’s in many water sources and almost all toothpastes.



This new orthodontic product, does the double duty of keeping your brackets securely in place and improving your enamel health. Opalseal is Fluorescent. This unique property makes reapplication and removal easy and convenient. Using a special UV black light, Dr Karimian checks to see if you need reapplication of Opalseal to keep protection of your teeth. It also makes it visible and easy to remove the entire glue off of your teeth when you are finished with your treatment.

Click here to learn more about Opalseal. OpalSeal™ along with good oral hygiene can protect teeth and ensure a bright smile when the treatment is completed