Insignia™ Braces

Custom-designed braces and archwires tailored to your specific prescription
37% reduction in treatment time and 7 fewer office visits because teeth move more directly to their ideal positions. Get a 3D digital view of your new smile even before you begin!

Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design is the most innovative orthodontic system available today. With Insignia™, you’ll get state-of-the-art treatment that’s 100% customized to your specific prescription. Digital planning and 3-D visibility allow your orthodontist to add a level of customization and detail that exceeds more traditional braces which are “off the shelf” and generically manufactured to fit anyone’s teeth.



Standard methods of treatment require the orthodontist to cement brackets on the teeth as accurately as the human eye can predict. Manual bracket placement is effective, but can result in continuous adjustments and repositioning throughout treatment. Insignia™ Precision Placement brackets, by contrast, are placed in the exact position on the teeth as prescribed by your personal treatment plan. This degree of precision helps reduce the number of mid-treatment adjustments, the length of appointments and overall treatment time by up to 38%. The Insignia™ system also takes into account variations in facial symmetry which require a custom solution for optimal results that standard methods can’t match.

In addition to working faster, Insignia™ braces are also more comfortable than traditional braces and offer you something that no other orthodontic system can: a 3-D digital view of your new smile before you even begin. Customized images taken prior to treatment allow you to visualize your beautiful, new smile from the day your braces go on.